Travel with me to the most photogenic places in the world

I teach photography for many years and I can say that the most successful courses are always actual workshops in some of the most photogenic countries on the planet. On such trips, just everything is dedicated to photography; taking photos during the whole day, evening lectures and evaluations of the photos of participants and most important – being constantly in the company with keen photographers, discussing numerous interesting (photography) topics. It is not just taking photos – it is living the photography. The combination of travelling, visiting these extraordinary places and taking photos will definitely improve your photography skills. I’ll show you some really special places, where I took my most iconic photos and you’ll return home not just with better photos, but also with some incredible travel memories. 

Together with Better Moments, we organize workshops to three different countries – India, Cuba and Sri Lanka. For more information see below.

Arne Hodalic, Photographer and photo editor of National Geographic Slovenia



Where: INDIA; Shivaratri Festival – the very essence of Holy India

When: 25 February – 6 March 2019


Where: CUBA; Faces of Cuba
When: 16 November – 24 November 2019




Where: SRI LANKA; Between heaven and sea
When: 2 February – 10 February 2020



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