Beginnings and early work

From the Start

Like most photographers I began my work with the search for aesthetics, beauty and symmetry. Since my first exploits into photography in the 1990s my style and the focus of my work has changed drastically. My search for fascinating images was replaced by a desire to document social themes, human rights violations, discrimination and poverty. A noticeable shift occurred during my documentation of the war in the Balkans. Having been there, experiencing first hand the horrors of the Sarajevo siege, I truly felt the cry of hopelessness engulfed in the horrors of war. No one should (or can) walk away from an episode like that unscathed, therefore I began to focus my photography on documenting disasters (natural and socio-economical) and conflicts from all around the world.

I long ago abandoned the naive idea that one man can “change the world”, but I still firmly believe it is up to every photojournalist to point out and remind others of the flaws in society.

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