Hidden Killers

The ITF (International Trust Fund) is a humanitarian, non-profit organization devoted to the eradication of landmines and their impact. Established in March 1998, the purpose of the ITF was to assist Bosnia and Herzegovina in support of the peace agreement and post-conflict rehabilitation. During its existence, the ITF has spread its activities of solving landmine problems and helping landmine victims with physical and socio-economic rehabilitation to the broader region: to Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro and Albania. The ITF has lately extended its activities and currently provides assistance to other mine-affected regions and countries, e.g. Cyprus, the South Caucasus and Central Asia. ITF aspires to free the region of South-East Europe from the impact of landmines, to actively contribute to the eradication of landmine problems in other parts of the world, and accordingly to raise funds from both public and private sectors for the implementation of mine action activities.

I followed and documented ITF’s demining activities in several countries in Europe, Africa and Asia. Each of the stories from different countries has its own text and synopsis.

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