Vanishing cultures

Co-authored with photographer Katja Bidovec.

“Vanishing cultures” is a long term photographic project with the aim to present ethnic groups living in the most remote places of the planet, where indigenous peoples still live like hundreds of years ago. They are interesting visually as well as from anthropological and sociological perspective. It is a joint project of two photographers: myself and Katja Bidovec and it is homage to Richard Avedon, inspired by Edward S. Curtis Native American Indians photos. The basic idea is to photograph different ethnic groups in a portable studio which enables uniform studio-quality lighting regardless of the available light. For this purpose, we use a mobile black tent and studio strobes so we are able to light the portraits in a very precise way. We want to get an effect as if they are shot in a real photographic studio, although this is carried out in hard-to-reach places where conditions are harsh and available resources are very basic.

Ethiopia, Omo river

In Vanishing Cultures

India, Arunachal Pradesh

In Vanishing Cultures
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